Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Most Important Post...

My heart breaks when I read about all the children on Reece's Rainbow, those orphans with special needs who have been abandoned and, in the case of the children of many of the Eastern European countries, will be institutionalized when they turn 5.  I, myself, would love to adopt.  Financially it's not in our immediate future.  But I'd like to be able to do my part to spread awareness among my readers, hopefully to make a difference in at least one child's life.  I read this post, re-printed on The Naretto Family blog today.  I, too, am re-printing it (along with a link to the original post by Patti at A Perfect Lily).  Please read below, and help bring the beautiful little Olga home to someone who can love her forever.

Monday, December 6, 2010
The Most Important Post I Have Ever Written

Dear Readers,
My hands are shaking as I'm typing, so if I misspell some words, that's why.
I spent the day with a little girl on my heart..her name is Olga.

I can't even tell you the burden I have for this little girl.
I am so heavy of heart because of this little baby. She could be my Lily.

Olga turns five next month. In Eastern Europe, babies with Down syndrome are deemed unacceptable at birth. Olga has spent her life in an orphanage...until now. Soon she will be transferred to a mental institution. Forever.
If you don't like to read those words, if hearing about the plight of these orphans turns your stomach (it does mine), if you just can't bear the thought of what happens to those children...
Then be thankful.
Be thankful you have the option of hitting that tiny x at the top right hand corner of your screen.

Because Olga doesn't have that option.

She can't close her eyes and make her whole bad-dream-of-a-life go away.

She is destined to a life of abandonment and grief and ugliness so horrid most of us can't even stand to watch a five minute video about it.

So today, I was praying and crying and writing this post and asking God- what would you have me to do.

Sam came home and we ate dinner as a family, and I tried to enjoy our time together as a family. But I wanted him to read my post from this afternoon, part two of my interview with Lisa Peele, who adopted this year from Reece's Rainbow....I wanted him to tell me what we could do for Olga. We don't have the income to qualify for an adoption on Reece's Rainbow.

But someone out there does.

Tonight while I was searching other adoption blogs, trying to see what could be done to raise money for Olga's adoption fund on Reece's Rainbow, I ran across an amazing story.

One mama, blogging from the heart, raised $20,000 for one little orphan. In five days. She called her post The Most Important Post I have Ever Written. (please click on this link if you want to read her story.)

So tonight I was reading and praying and thinking and brainstorming about how we could help Olga. My husband was doing the same thing, while drafting a letter to friends on his laptop, asking them to help. As I stared at the blog post I mentioned above, I said to him, "I just read about a mom who raised $20,000 in five days."

"How?" Sam asked.

"She had a giveaway on her blog. For an iPad."  **side note: I am so stuck in the nineties...I don't even know what an iPad is. But it must be good :)***

My littles kept coming in for extra goodnight kisses, so I went to tuck them all in and finish up some dishes in the kitchen...still praying... brainstorming... thinking what I could sell...I even looked at my cock-a-poo and wondered how much I could get for her:)

Sam walked in the room with a grin on his face...told me to close my eyes and put out my hands.

And in them he placed a brand new iPod touch.

I have no idea how to use it, or why people like them...but I knew what he was thinking.

Can I just say I love that man????

Turns out he opened a bank account 6 months ago, and "earned" a brand new iPod touch. the NEW iPod touch with a built-in camera. It just came in the mail. He was going to sell it and spoil me with something I would really use for Christmas;) But he knows what I REALLY want.

I want to bring Olga home.

We don't meet the income requirements for Reece's Rainbow.

But someone out there does.

And this is where you come in, dear readers.

I'm giving away this brand new iPod touch (valued at $229 )to one lucky commenter. And I am hoping, praying, shamelessly begging you to give til it hurts. And tell every blessed soul you know about this giveaway. As my husband loves to say- tell your in-laws and out-laws too! Blog about it, Facebook about it, tweet it, text it...just get the word out- Lily is giving away an iPod touch, and all you have to do is donate to Olga to enter.

So here's the deal:
*leave one comment if you give to Olga at Reece's Rainbow (click here!)

*leave another comment if you blog about this giveaway (post your link)

*leave another comment if you post about this giveaway on FB

*leave another comment if you tweet this giveaway.

* leave another comment if you sign up (at the bottom of this blog) as a follower...and if you are already a follower, you can leave a second comment as well;)

Five ways to enter...but only if you first donate to Olga.

If Olga has a huge amount in her fund- bank on it- a family will come forward to adopt her. There's not a lack of families who want these babies- there's a lack of finances.

Please spread the word, and please pray for Olga.

I can't think of a better Christmas present, then knowing Olga will be rescued.

Random.org will draw a winner from Lily's comment section Saturday night.


I'm going to bed a happy woman:)


Posted by Patti at 10:40 PM

(By the way, feel free to comment here if you feel like it, but remember the iPOD giveaway is through Patti's blog.)


Anonymous said...

Have donated... hope others do to... dont want an ipod touch just want to help x

Patti said...

You are awesome!!! Thank you!!

stephanie said...

THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Melissa M said...

RR tugs at my heart! Financially we could adopt easily, but I need to get hubby on board first...hopefully soon!