Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Pics (oh, what a dull and unimaginative title!)

I don't have the time to write much now, but thought I'd leave you with a few photos from the weekend.  My parents gave me a new lens (50mm/1.8) for my camera, which I'm thrilled about!  See if you can guess which pics were taken with it (not all of these are)...
Twinkling lights on Christmas Eve

Santa has paid a visit...
...and had a snack.
Happy and most cooperative little girl!
The dinner table, set for guests.
A quiet moment (well, not really, but it looks like it was...)

Angel with butterfly wings.




Lacey said...

Oh how Ray would be dying for this lense! He got a nice flash for Christmas. I got a new camera too. A coolpix. Something small for me to have at home, but still takes good pictures!

my family said...

so what kind of camera and on a mission really soon to get something decent, can't take much more of mine anymore

evrfwd said...

lovely photos!!! You are an amazing photographer and what lovely subjects!

I have a 50mm but rarely use it. I think I'm just lazy because I think it is a challenge to use it. hehehe

So, which were the photos that were taken with the new lens? =)

Melissa M said...

I know you moderate your comments, so I'm going to comment even though you disabled them on the post about giving to the family in need. :)

I don't think you were tooting your own horn, or whatever the grumpy person said. I absolutely think it is important to bring attention to those in need. For most people, if they are aware of a need, they will try to help. Maybe this person felt guilty about not helping...

A few years ago we adopted a family in need through work. Everyone chipped in, we brought presents and food for Christmas dinner. The family was a single mom with a young boy. They were so appreciative and it felt good to really be able to help. We didn't do it for recognition (we didn't get any), but because we COULD help.

The next year we adopted another family, and it was a totally different experience. The mom was rude and seemed to think we owed her things because she was 'in need'. It was such a bad experience that we never adopted another family.

I don't really have a point to my story, other than to say I'm glad your experience with helping these families was a good one!

I don't know much about photograpy, but I hope you are enjoying your news lens!