Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 6: Wednesday Whimsy: Let's Dance

Thought I'd lighten things up a bit today and take a break from the book-writing.  Snapped off a couple of shots yesterday before school (again, have I mentioned how much I hate flash photography?!  Must ask Santa for another lens for Christmas...).

Welcome to my room!

I like to dance.

Come, join me!  (nice, unflattering picture, Mom!)

Eh, Olivia's a much better dancer than you, Mommy.


Rochelle said...

Don't worry Becca I could never keep up with Olivia either. LOL too cute.

evrfwd said...

I hate flash photography also. But these photos are so sweet...i love the dance party! =)

Just Writing said...

I think you did good, even with flash photography.