Friday, October 22, 2010

Day 22: On Adoption, Part II: The Cornish Adoption Journey

Meet Meredith and Michael.  If you don't know them from their blog, Cornish Adoption Journey, these are two of the most giving, selfless, big-hearted people you'll ever hear about, and they epitomize all that is good about adoption.  I began following their blog nearly 3 years ago, just before they departed for Eastern Europe to adopt two children with Down syndrome.  Since then they have added to their family, making sacrifices most people can't even begin to fathom.  I won't say more, since they tell their amazing story themselves in the video below. 

Please visit their blog to see how you can help them give a loving and secure home to two (hopefully!) more children destined to a brief and horrific life, and imminent death, inside an institution so far away.

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Monica said...

Amazing couple, amazing family. Thanks for sharing! I love Samantha's photo book, too. She is soooo beautiful!