Thursday, September 23, 2010

EKS Day Acts of Unity

Saturday, September 25th, is the very first annual Eunice Kennedy Shriver Day.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with her, Eunice Kennedy Shriver was the founder of Special Olympics and champion of inclusion, acceptance and unity for individuals with intellectual disabilities.  I have been asked by Jen at ReJenerationS to help spread awareness of this monumentous day, and to pledge to do something in honor of this day.

In a brilliant and fortuitous stroke of coincidence, Saturday, September 25th, is also the day of our local Buddy Walk.  Our hearts and minds will be focused on creating a better and better world for people with Down syndrome.  Some of our local Special Olympian soccer players will be playing teams comprised of the moms and dads in an annual tradition that my husband is always happy to take part in.  I am sure at least one speech that is made on Saturday will include a tribute to the woman that helped pave the way for our event to even exist. 

"I pledge to spread her message of hope, inclusion, and acceptance through my blog, Facebook, and amongst friends and family at the Buddy  Walk on EKS Day, and I challenge you all to re-post this on your blogs or Facebook and tell us what you pledge to do on EKS Day."

I know time is short and we're only 2 days away, but anything you can do to help spread the word is great!  Jen has provided some very helpful ideas on how to spread the word:

•emailing, texting, and using your social media outlets to spread the word about the day.

•Change your profile picture to a photo of Eunice (many images in that link to chose from), and

•use one of her iconic quotes as your status update (see below for a few examples). Click HERE to hear audio files of Eunice speaking.

•On twitter post: RT: I pledge to honor @SpecialOlympics by performing an Act of Unity on RT to sign.

•Be sure to post your Act of Unity HERE.

Have a wonderful and reflective weekend!


Cheri said...

This family has done such amazing things in the way of special needs!! Her son started "Best Buddies" as a result of seeing the disappointment on the athlete's faces when the olympics were over because they had to wait another year for the event.... he realized there needed to be connection and community all year long so launched Best Buddies! We went to one of the Kennedy's (a cousin) last winter for their Best Buddies christmas was amazing!! So grateful for what Eunice did for the special needs community and beyond :)

JRS said...

Thanks friend! Have a terrific Buddy Walk!!!