Sunday, August 8, 2010

UPDATED: Flickr Update (thanks to the freaks out there in cyberspace)

Well, courtesy of the most recent uber-disturbing message from the afforementioned creepazoid in Brazil (read: stalker), I have had to make my Flickr photostream private, visible only to my contacts marked as either friends or family.  If you would like me to add you as a friend or family member in Flickr, please create an account there and send me a private message telling me who you are and I will give you viewing permissions.  I am very sad about this.  I loved having my Flickr account public, there for everyone to enjoy my little ray of sunshine, but all it took was for one person to ruin things.  I'd be more specific about the message I received, but I am too bothered about it to go back and re-read it myself just yet (nothing gross, just creepy).  Maybe things will change some time in the future, and maybe I'll just change my account name.  We'll see.

UPDATE:  Sorry, it just dawned on me that I didn't tell you how to find me on Flickr.  You can either go to or search on Sammi's Mom from the Flickr home page.  Again, contact me once you've got a Flickr account and I'll add you in if you're not a stalker.  :-)


BlessedMom62 said...

Too bad you can't report them to the police!

Jeanette said...

Include me. It's such a shame that there are creeps that can ruin things or us.

my family said...

Im in :) what a shame people cant keep their ugliness to themselves