Thursday, July 22, 2010

**Attention "Cutest Blog on the Block" Design Users**

Pure chance that I saw the warning signs on some blogs I was reading this morning, stating that the blog owners who use The Cutest Blog on the Block would lose their backgrounds on July 23rd, if they didn't update their code.  (Surely, this won't affect me, right?  Maybe this was just the sign I needed to give my blog the makeover I've been mulling over for the last few months...)  Once I looked into it, I discovered that it was nothing too terribly drastic, but I wanted to warn all you bloggers who use TCBOTB that you will lose your blog background tomorrow unless you either re-load the code now, or follow the directions below. They’ve lost their photobucket hosting and will be moving all of their designs tomorrow (they will still be free, and the new codes have already been posted on their site).

I sure don’t want any of you to wind up surprised and out in the cold!

(The following was copied from The Cutest Blog on the Block - I followed these directions and had no problems whatsoever.)

• Go to the place you pasted your background code in your blog
• Find in the code where it says:
• Replace it with:
• Click 'Save'
• You will no longer be at risk of loosing your blog's background once photobucket shuts down TCBOTB account
• You may notice that the blog background loads slowly over the next 24-48 hours while our servers are upgraded however everything will be back to normal after that. (Note:  I had to refresh my page to get my background to load after changing the code.)


JRS said...

Thanks Becca. I was unaware. I think I may repost as I cannot get into their site and I have friends that use it and would appreciate your instructions.

Stephanie said...

I saw the warning post last night (I don't know why - it may be the OCD), but I always check the blog after posting. However, it took until early this morning to be able to get into the site and make my changes.

Cindy said...

Thanks for posting this. I saw the warning on my blog, but was unable to get onto the site. We are very busy for the next few days, so I switched to a different 'group'. I don't like them as well, so will be switching back next week. I'm glad they aren't gone for good. I love CBOTB!

Mrs. Plish said...

Thanks for the posting... I still can't get in to change my code. I've been trying since yesterday morning!

the mombshell said...

This post saved the day (was sent a link on twitter). I did not see the warning post (where are these said warning posts?!) Thanks so much for being on top of things!

The Deranged Housewife said...

Thank you for posting this! I was going insane trying to figure out what was going on, and missed how they were switching over. i figured it had to do with their site upgrade but had no idea how to fix it. Mine still doesn't work, but I'm going to follow the directions you have below and see what happens!