Thursday, June 3, 2010

Scenes from a Desperate Need for Coffee in Bed

The usual morning routine, after I've fought Samantha to get her out of her bedroom where she's been playing, onto the potty and into her school clothes...

Me:  Sammi, why don't you go wake Daddy up?

Sammi:  Okay!  (she runs out of the bathroom and into Mommy & Daddy's bedroom, pushing the door open so hard it bangs against the wall behind it) 

Sammi (yelling loudly):  Daddy, wake UP!  DADDY!!

Steve, formerly sleeping very peacefully, jumps about 4 inches off the bed's surface, startled awake.  He fights to open his eyes, struggling to form every muscle in his face into a smile for his little girl. 

I put Samantha up on the bed to cuddle with Daddy and tell them I'll be back in a minute with his coffee.  I then return with a nice hot cup of instant, setting it down on the nightstand on his side of the bed and scooping Samantha up to take her downstairs for her breakfast.

Sammi:  Bye Daddy!  See you soon!


And now, what transpired yesterday morning when I got Steve's coffee *before* getting Sammi out of her room...

I put Samantha up on the bed to cuddle with Daddy and then tell her to scootch over so I can sit on the bed, too, hoping for a moment of peace and catching up on the tv news before bringing her downstairs for breakfast.

Me:  Ahhh.

Sammi (sitting up and pushing me, HARD, trying to get me off the bed):  NO, Mommy!! 

Me (trying to figure out what her problem is):  What?

Sammi:  No, Mommy!!  Daddy coffee NOW, please!

After nearly falling off the bed anyway, laughing, it took Steve actually showing her his coffee cup to convince her that I had already brought him his coffee that morning to get her to stop pushing me.

Seriously?  This is definitely a child who likes routine.


tekeal said...

that's too funny! I thought you were going to say that SHE got it!

Monica Crumley said...

That is too funny. Very determined, isn't she, that Daddy MUST have his coffee or else! Love it!

Carol N. said...

Would love for Sammi to come here and order James to get me coffee!