Sunday, June 20, 2010

A Quick Note from the Back Yard Kiddie Pool on a Very Hot Father's Day

And now for a nice quiet Father's Day message from my girl who had the droopiest, heaviest, most water-logged pull-up in the entire western hemisphere after these photos were taken. 

Dear Daddy,

Thank you very much for being my daddy.  I am one very lucky little girl!  My shirt says it all. 




Annie said...

OK....THAT just made me a HAPPY way!

Thank you, Becca!
xo xo xo

Linda said...

Love the last one, her face is priceless! Glad you guys get to be together today to celebrate Father's Day. It has been a crazy weekend, but I will want to talk to you about the resource teacher. Thanks for offering! : )

Amber said...

YUMMY! Why does that pool appear PERFECT for her? :0)

Renee said...

Oh, she looks so happy!

Erin said...


Lacey said...

Look at that little princess pool for a princess! happy Fathers day!

RobMonroe said...

Love the note and the pictures!

Hated pool diapers/pull ups. We decided last summer that the only goal is to catch poop, so we went with undies instead. Bad parents, I'm sure, but it cut down on her weight by five pounds. Of diaper.

Happy Father's Day, Steve!

Amy said...

Milan has the same outfit! Love the smile.