Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Not-Very-Wordless Wednesday: The Joys of Mobile Uploads

(okay, a few words...just a couple of pics from my cell phone taken over the weekend - 1st is my little bongo girl at a friend's house...I don't know what's up with her in the 2nd, but she's started chewing on her finger all of a sudden in the last few days - weird, because she has all of her teeth, and she was never a thumb-sucker...I'm suspecting an ear infection, actually...the 3rd is Sammi with  DC United player, Jaime Moreno, with whom Steve watched Sunday's England v. Germany game - poor Sammi, she was tired and whiny and had just come out of the bath all bedraggled and mad because I had just washed her hair, when Steve called and asked me to come pick him up at the local watering hole)


Lacey said...

Ok, none of my cell phones have ever taken that good of pics! I still can't resist the urge to play with that girls hair every time I see it!

Dawn said...

I love her standing on a step stool to play the bongos in the first picture.