Wednesday, March 10, 2010

24 Months

The age that Samantha was nearly two years ago? Not the answer I'm looking for...

The amount of time it takes for the earth to revolve around the sun twice? Also not it...

The age at which a private PT has evaluated Samantha's current gross motor development? Bingo.

24 months?

I knew she had been falling further and further behind, but I had no idea it was nearly two years back. Or maybe I did, but seeing it written out and presented to us in black and white made such a huge impact. A shocking one. A startling reality.

Samantha started walking at 21 months, which is a bit early on the average for a lot of kids with Ds, I think. While we had always felt, from her birth, that she was pretty strong, we really weren't expecting her to fall back once she became fully-mobile. But there are two sides to the coin - with full-mobility came an explosion of language, for which I am extremely grateful. If I had to choose one over the other, I'd pick verbal communication every time. I think most people would. But when I started seeing her peers who walked much later than she did begin to progress and surpass her in their physical abilities so much more quickly, I realized that we needed to address her gross motor development again. I'm not comfortable with her on stairs or playground equipment. These are basic, everyday needs.

Samantha's IEP meeting is coming up very soon. You can bet that PT is going to be a major point for us. For those of you who have had similar experiences, please tell me some of the PT goals you had on your children's IEPs, as I'd love to be fully prepared with some logical, relevant, achievable, short-term and long-term goals.


Tracy said...

I will email you what Molly's IEP looks like. She is a tad younger than Sam therefore, it may or may not help.

Due to the twins situation, I have that "visual" as to how far behind Molly truly is so nothing really surprises me.

Sammy is doing great! Look at all the teenage DS kids--they can do everything physcially that everyone can.

Just remember that Ds kids "do what everyone else does, Just on their own time.:

ABandCsMom said...

Carly was always great with PT evals. Everyone was always blown away by her. She walked before 18 months. She sat up very young..I'd have to look that one up in the baby book. She fed herself, with silverware at the age of 1. She was doing great. Up until stupid leukemia and a very nasty blood infection. The infection caused swelling in her brain. Which in turn, caused her to have a weaker left leg/foot and almost nonexistent usage of her left hand/arm. Since the infection, she has improved. Wonderfully in fact. However, she did back slide some. Like jumping and clearing the ground w/both feet. Going up and down steps while unassisted. That type of stuff.

I was told by a therapist, (OT) not to focus on the things that may be lacking..look to the things that she is thriving in. Then build on it. Work on the things that are lacking. It will pay off in the end.

I would bet PT will listen to your concerns regarding falling behind and work on building her back up.

Carly has made wonderful progress in PT and OT this year. It will work out. Her strength is bound to increase. Her PT may just need to push a bit harder to build that strength back up.

These kids of ours really keep us on our toes don't they???

Dawn said...

I can definitely understand how it is to see things in black and white as opposed to sort of "knowing" them in the back of your mind. There's just something about having it stare you in the face.

While Taylor babbles some words, she is considered non-verbal. While I know that, I always hate to see her IEP saying that her verbal is the equivalent of a 6-9 month old baby.

I like what Tracy said...our kids do things in their own time.

Michelle said...

Isn't it awful that I can't remember specific goals from Kayla's earlier IEPS?! They're in storage right now or I'd look them up. I remember on the stairs there were goals about using a hand rail and not, marking time, and then going up alternate feet..same with coming down. Jumping had several goals, jumping so many inches, then another set of inches, then over an object so tall, increased again, jumping up on to an object, down from an object...hmm...guess I remember a little more than I thought! Good luck at the upcoming IEP mtg!

stephanie said...

Wish I could help but our little ones are too far apart in age. Don't get down... no pun intended, honest. it will all come , you know that! It will all come.
I used to check the "book" every month it see if Em was behind, ahead or where she "should" be. Forget it! At Em's first eval, she sat there and stared at them all. That's it. I was freaking out inside thinking this is going to kill her score. She can do these things. Well she wasn't doing anything for them. The result... Emmie is delayed! LOL, Really?
I know when you see it in writing it hits you in the face...right. but Sammy is going to do her thing in her time.

Anonymous said...

I remember all too well Dom 'aging' at 17 months at 3 yrs old for gross motor skills. It's hard to see it written but it does help you define the starting point and IEP/IFSP goals. I know that in IL and I hope it's different in other states, that maintaining PT after a child is walking is definitely a challenge. If the school can say she is capable of navigating her surroundings, then they will attempt to pull PT. Or at least that's been our experience. Some of the things that we have used as goals to justify continuing PT (even though it's only 30 min a month!) are:
1- Stairs, alternating feet, with hand rail support, with no support.
2- Balancing a lunch tray and walking
3- Navigating the halls with no more than 3 interruptions (whether due to falling, mis-stepping, or simply wandering)
4-Jumping from flat surface with both feet. Jumping off a step or other elevated surface.
5- Riding a tricycle with no special equipment.

We are very fortunate that our school pt will work with us to find ways to keep the therapy time for Dom and knows that he still needs it even though he can walk and play (somewhat safely with supervision) on the playground at lunch. Good luck and keep us posted as you can :)

Jeanette said...

Becca, I dread evals. Sydneys is supposed to be tomorrow, but I have to cancel due to Roseola. I really don't like them because I hate those conversations. I agree though that the verbal skills are so good to have! Hang in there.

Bethany said...

She can totally do it girl, you just need to let her go a little bit! Remember how she was climbing the fence when we took pics?! She can do it -- Mama just needs to let her nerves go a little bit! :) Pep talk? LOL