Sunday, January 10, 2010

Scenes from the IHOP

Me: Sammi, do you want some juice? (handing her a bottle of juice)

Samantha: No juice. Milk. (pushes the juce bottle away from her)

Me: You want milk?

Samantha: Yes. Milk. (starts to whine - it's one of those mornings)

(The milk arrives at the table)

Samantha: No milk! (whining and pushing the milk away from her)

Me: You don't want milk?

Samantha: No! Juice!

(I put the juice back down in front of her and she grabs it, drinking it quickly)

Granted, the poor little thing just wasn't feeling very well today, but is this what 3 is really like? How long does this last?!?


Carol N. said...

As far as I can tell - it lasts until we're old and gray.


evrfwd said... the dialogue!

maya is starting to whine or as i like to call it growl if she doesn't get the exact music she is wanting to hear, sometimes she starts to stomp her feet against her highchair. for now, it's hard to tell what she wants since she is not speaking words. we end up going back and forth on music until i basically have to sign the songs for her and then she is happy.

we should win awards for being so patient!

RobMonroe said...

We had lunch yesterday with friends who have two daughters - one loves jelly and one hates it. The kicker is that they seem to take turns over who loves and who hates!

Lacey said...

I hate to say it, but I think three is ten times worse than two! Sorry:(

ashleypmo said...

If Mason is any indication, 3 lasts well beyond 4....

Nicole said...

Ryan still does that. And I agree, 3 is way worse than 2.

Monica Crumley said...

It could be a girl thing or a 3 year old thing or maybe both! It won't last forever!