Thursday, May 28, 2009

Practicing for the Big Day

No, Samantha's not wearing lipstick, although I know that big day will come before I know it. Sammi went to her friend Ashley's 3rd birthday party on Saturday, and thoroughly enjoyed the Elmo cake. Lots of red frosting. Yum...
Sammi's party is this Saturday at a local playground. I had originally wanted to have her party at the house, when I knew we were buying a house, but when I think about all the work that needs to be done on the yard first, I think the house party can wait for a year or two. I'm pretty excited--although waaaaaay more people than I'd initially expected to be able to make it are coming (I'm thrilled about this, but surprised--I figured that the last weekend in May would be already booked out by most folks), it'll be like a gigantic playdate of all the little 2 and 3 year old friends Sammi has. I was talking to one of my bosses the other day, telling him how many kids were coming. He has a little girl who will also be turning 3, in July, and said that since she's not in daycare or school (they have nannies), she doesn't have many friends. This goes to show how amazing and tight the Down syndrome community in this area is--only one little girl from Samantha's school is coming (she's the only one we invited). The rest are children that we know through the DSANV events, through playdates, through this mutual, shared commonality (interest, if you like) that has brought us all together. Much of the time, most other people don't have this. I consider us very, very fortunate to have so many friends for both myself, my husband, and Samantha.

Steve's just gone to the airport to pick up his step-mother and his sister, who are coming to visit for the weekend. His step-mother lives in England, but has been over here for a few weeks visiting his sister, who lives in Michigan. We've been cleaning like mad demons, and our bedroom, where his step-mother will be sleeping, is half-painted. The hope was that it would be completed before they got here, but it was not meant to be. She won't mind. I don't think the two of them know what they're in for this weekend--we've got 3 parties (including ours) to attend. Let's see how they do... I'm really looking forward to having them here. His sister was here last about a year and a half ago, and his step-mother was here just over a year ago. I'm so glad they can come again, and this time be here together for Samantha's birthday.

Of course, now that Samantha is just two days shy of 3 years old, it was time for the dreaded AAI x-ray, to determine if she has an atlantoaxial instability, which is a condition that affects about 15% of people with Down syndrome. It's when the two bones at the top of the spinal cord have too much movement, and can cause neurological problems if not corrected, or even death. Sammi went for her x-ray last week, and we got the good news from her geneticist's office that all is well, and she's negative. Whew! This means that she shouldn't have any activity restrictions as she grows up. Her blood test that was done on the same day showed that thyroid was normal, but her zinc is a little low. The doctor suggested that we try Schiff vitamins. Now, I know that this topic comes up all the time on the listservs--lots of people swear by Schiff. We just use the easy-to-find PolyVisol liquid vitamins, which work great for making sure Miss-picky-eater gets what she needs. But apparently not enough zinc. Do any of you use Schiff, and do they have all of the vitamins she needs for a well-rounded existence? I haven't done any research yet to see what they have in them, but thought I'd throw this question out to you first. Thanks, in advance!

Gotta run and pick Sammi up from school. When we get back, her Grandma and Aunti Kaz will be here!


Carol N. said...

How exciting! Sammi is going to have a blast - wish we could be there to add to your guest count (just kidding). You are very fortunate to have such an active DS group. Can't wait to see the photos!

Monica @ Monkey Musings said...

Sounds like she's doing great. Love the red frosting lips :-) My little guy hates the Poly vi sol. Our pediatrician said I could crush up a chewable and give it to him, but he actually spits that out, too. Ugh. Schiff is a respectable brand name. It wouldn't hurt to try it.

RobMonroe said...

That's great news about her test results! How awesome!

My invitation must have gotten lost in the mail to Sammi's party, but I understand what you mean about the guest list getting huge, quickly. :o)

We are sticking to our family and OUR friends, with two of her friends. Somehow it has blossomed to the neighborhood of 20 people. Hopefully Abby will not freak out too much. Last year she took her first steps during the party, who knows what she is storing up for this year!?

ABandCsMom said...

Glad to hear the Xray was negative.
She sure does look awful cute with all that red frosting on her mouth!

Ruby's Mom said...

That is super that her AAI x-ray turned out good!I'm happy for you I know that's a relief,one less thing to worry about ;)Hope you have a good time with your company and Sammi's party goes well.
Love the picture,Sammi is beautiful!

Jeanette said...

You are surrounded by love. That is so awesome! The frosting lips are great. I don't have Syd on any supplements at this point, so I am no help there.