Wednesday, March 18, 2009

At Least I Know Where My Computer Is...

I LOVE our new house! Can I say that louder? I LOVE OUR NEW HOUSE!! It's such an amazing feeling to be tromping up and down stairs (heck, it's doing wonders for my calves and thighs!), wandering the halls, and sitting in the living room in front of the fireplace. Okay, so it's not working yet until we replace the glass door (it's a vented gas fireplace that has to have a door in place when in use or the fumes could kill us), but it still looks nice! Steve has been an absolute wonder with all that he's been doing and organizing. We've had contractors in to fix the electrical outlets and install ceiling fans, contractors to paint our massive upstairs hallway (no way could we get up to paint a 25-ft. ceiling over a stairwell and into a skylight!), contractors to replace the basement sliding glass doors, and Steve, himself, has been unpacking, cleaning, organizing and painting. It's like a totally different place than it was, and has a warm, homey feeling now. And we have joined the ranks of responsible (read: thrifty) homeowners who turn lights off in rooms as we exit them and turn off the faucets while brushing our teeth. Gotta keep an eye on those utility bills!

Samantha started at her new school on Monday. Tears on Monday, cooperation on Tuesday, and tears at drop-off this morning. Poor little thing, having to get used to a whole new routine. And she has a yucky cold right now, too, so she's definitely not feeling her best, either. By next week, I'm sure she'll be settled in. Other than school, she seems to love her new room. Actually, she loves her ceiling fan. LOL She wakes up in the morning, and before her eyes are fully opened, she points to it and says, "'an!" (she drops the first letter, but we're working on that right now--sometimes she'll say, "ffffff 'an!"). I've had to pick her up off the floor a few times this week during the night. Her room is pretty chilly, so hopefully she hadn't been there for long. I think her head cold has made her pretty restless.

Oh--here's a question for you. Samantha finishes eating her breakfast at 7:30 every morning (frozen waffle & milk). She has a snack at some point in the morning at school (goldfish, I presume). They have the kids eat their lunches at 10:45am. I know their school day ends at 11:50, but am I crazy in thinking that this is kind of unrealistic? Are they assuming that kids don't eat breakfast, or that they eat breakfast much earlier? What have all of you experienced with preschools with respect to feeding?

Sorry there are no pictures this go-round, but hopefully I can get organized enough by the weekend to take a few and post them.


RobMonroe said...

Umm... 7:30 is snack time for Abby. :o)

We're up and fed by 6 every day. She has a snack at 8 ish, lunch at 11:30, snack at 3:15.

So glad that you love the new house! My first-home-purchase was anti-climactic, so it's great to hear when others have fun experiences!

Renee said...

So glad to hear that you are loving your new house! I can't wait to see the photos.

Let us know more about Samantha and her school. I know that sounds really early for lunch but I think a lot of schools do that. Some schools even have the full-day kindergarteners eating at 10:30 or so.

Linda said...

Hey Becca- Lila eats around 6:30 every day as we leave the house at 7:15 for our journey to school. : )
At Lila's school they call both eating times "snack time". I don't ever send Lila's lunch with her-she eats when she gets home or right after therapy on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. I think you just have to do whatever works with your schedule. It seems a bit early to eat lunch to me!

Bethany said...

So happy you guys are in your house and loving it!

Is Samantha's school full day? Payton is only half day and they don't even eat lunch at school.

Carol N. said...

Glad to hear your settling in - and that Sammi is loving her ffff-an! (too cute).

Happy unpacking!

amy flege said...

wow. thats brunch to me.. not lunch!!
glad it hear you love your new house~!

Nicole said...

Ryan usually eats a big breakfast by 8 am, has a snack before leaving the house around 10:30, and eats a full lunch at 11:30.