Wednesday, December 31, 2008

"Parley", Part 2 (or Should I Say, #2?)

Okay, just this one last post about it, then no more blogging about poo. I promise. Samantha went to bed @8pm last night. At about 11, she woke up coughing. She's still a bit congested from the cold she had, and she's been coughing whenever the phlegm (hey, I didn't say I wouldn't blog about phlegm, though!) gets all pooled up in her throat. Yuck. She coughs until she throws it up, then seems quite happy to have gotten it out for the moment. Well, last night, in the middle of one of her coughing fits, she said "poo poo". I asked her if she had to go right now, and she got all excited, nodding, and said "yes" (it's so cute the way she says yes--she's so emphatic. She used to say "yeah", but we've been working on it with her, and now it's "ess.") So I pulled her jammies off, popped the Elmo potty ring on the toilet, and dropped her on top of it. After several minutes of concentration (and some more coughing), there it was! I was so unbelievably proud of my little girl! She was pleased, too. For that she got a big Elmo sticker, which now resides on the wall next to the toilet. I thought for sure she would never do that in the potty, since she mainly only does it when she's asleep.

I only blog about this now because I'm trying to establish the existence of a pattern with her. So now that there appears to be a pattern, I can stop talking about it. Unless, of course, she never does it again. Then I might say something. But for now, Yay for Poo!


Michelle said...

That's awesome. Way to go poo Sammi......LOL!!

Renee said...

Yeah! That is great.

Nicole said...

Wow! That is great that she went again. Thanks for the comment. Emily definitely has a spit up problem as well. The gas has seemed to stop with this formula though. The spitting up just creates a lot of laundry...not so fun for me. We have an appt with genetics on the 13th...I was wondering what they were going to tell us...thanks for the info. Do they tell you risks of having another baby with DS or is that a different doctor?

My name is Sarah said...

Yea!!! Good job!!!

Pam said...

Way to Poo Sammi!!! YAY!!

You know I realized yesterday that I blog an awful lot about poo these days too. I think when you have a 3 yr old that's just the way things are. Your life revolves around poo. ;)

You know, I am glad Rhett doesn't spit up and throw up anymore, but man I hate watching him try to do it. I can't quite decide what is worse.

Anyways, don't know where I am going with all of this, it's been a crazy couple of weeks so I will just go now. ;)


Monica said...

Yeaaaa Sammi!!! What a great accomplishment :) I was thrilled when we could stop buying diapers!!! And I see this in your near future :)