Monday, October 13, 2008

An "Accident"-Prone Week

I don't know what it is lately, whether it's the quality of this particular batch of diapers, us possibly giving Sammi more liquids than usual, or just some sort of gross neglect on our part, but we've had an awful lot of very wet, gotta-change-clothes-and-bedding incidents. Okay, so one of them was totally my fault when I took her out of her bath the other night, put her jammies on and completely forgot to put a diaper on her before bed...(c'mon, don't tell me none of you have ever done this!!?? Please?????)

The three of us drove up to Jersey this weekend to visit my folks on the farm. One of their "neighbors" (in the country, "neighbors" is a relative term, and generally involves a car trip) was having a bonfire party. We really couldn't have asked for a more perfect night--bright moon, twinkling stars, cold enough to wear jackets, but definitely not uncomfortable. We kept Sammi up way past her bedtime, but she had a great time! Of course, about mid-way through I set down my very delicious hamburger to pick her up and adjust her position in her chair and discovered that she was soaked. Completely soaked. Had to abandon the hamburger and send Steve scrambling back to our farm for a change of clothes. *sigh* But the party went on, and I made up for the lost burger with an excellent (and huge) piece of pineapple upside down cake. Not a problem.

Steve and Sammi danced to BeeGees, Tom Jones and Van Morrison in the barn, and you can see from the photo that Samantha thought it was fun.

Ah, but back to the topic--driving home to VA yesterday yielded yet another gotta-change-clothes accident. I just can't figure out what we're doing wrong. Poor little thing hates to be wet, but who can blame her?


Momma M said...

Things that helped us:
1. Diaper doublers. You can buy them in the diaper aisle. They just go into your regular diaper to absorb more liquid.
2. Moving up a size, especially at night.


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Becca said...

Hi! I just had to accept that previous comment because it's just so funny! Amazing what web searches do. I guess there is software that trolls the internet and Blogger for those teensy tiny little references as a way to plug other businesses. I happen to like Van Morrison (hey, I grew up with it!), so I'm fine with that.

Megan--thanks so much for the advice! I may look into that. Yep, long car ride and nighttime size increases may be a good bet, too. Of course, remembering to put a diaper on her at night may be a good preventative measure...

Michelle said...

I agree, try moving up a size. Every once in a while we have this problem with Nate and his pullups that he wears at bedtime. He can go weeks waking up dry and then many days in a row of soak through pullups.

Renee said...

That is so funny about not putting the diaper on at night!

We had to switch to night time diapers from Huggies for Wesley for the last six months before he was potty trained. The diapers are more expensive but they cut down on the laundry.

JaybirdNWA said...

That is a great picture of Sammi with her Dad. What a great memory.