Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Combat the Cold

Great Idea!
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Our apartment building has this rule where they need to wait until the temperatures have dropped/risen consistently to certain temperatures for a certain number of days before they can activate the heat/air conditioner. Now, this happens twice a year, every year. And it invariably occurs that in the fall we'll have 80-something degree days for a week, the it suddenly drops to 60 (with 30 degree nights) on the weekend, when there's nobody to switch the system over and provide heat, and it invariably occurs that in the spring the temperature will go up to 80-something and they shut down the heat and turn on the air conditioning then the temperature suddenly drops down to 50 on the weekend and nobody around to switch it back to heat. Well, we're in one of those weekends now.

I left Sammi in her heaviest fleece jammies this morning, but was worried about her little hands turning to ice cubes when she drank her milk ith breakfast, so Steve had this wonderful idea to stick a beer cozy on her straw cup (I know this isn't the most brilliant photo, but it's all I've got for this). No, he doesn't drink Miller Lite. As a matter of fact, he doesn't even ever drink beer at home, but we've got lots of the freebies he's gathered from bars over time, and finally put one to good use. I highly recommend it--Sammi's hands were just the right temperature when she was done! Maybe I should submit this to Parents Magazine in their "It Worked For Me" section. On second thought, perhaps not.

On the same note, we finally broke down and decided to get a portable heater for her room for this sort of occasion. Even though they'll probably turn the heat on tomorrow, we'll still need it again next spring and we'll feel more comfortable knowing that Samantha will sleep comfortably. Steve ran out and got it from Target right before she went to bed tonight--otherwise I would have put her to bed with a onesie and tights under her fleece.


Jeanette said...

Too funny. I love that it is a referree t-shirt. I did the same thing for my son every morning when we would head out in the cold car. He had a set of coozies that were his. We also kept a fleece blankets stashed around the house for beating the cold.

JaybirdNWA said...

That's great! We are entering into one of those weeks here. Today it is 72 degrees but tonight and tomorrow it is supposed to be in the high 30's and 40's. Makes it hard to know how to dress the kids in the morning. Also makes for a lot of sick, sniffling people. I enjoy seeing your pictures.

Monica said...

Great idea!!! The things we do for our kiddos! Sammi is a doll!

Renee said...

You should submit to the magazine!

Tricia said...

They do that to us at school with the heat.

As for the cousin ordered personalized coozies for a girl's weekend, she got to select the colors and they had our names embroidered on them. If you want me to ask her, I can find out where she got them.

Submit it to the magazine, edit out the beer. But that's pretty funny.