Friday, October 3, 2008

A Big Thank You!!!

I didn't want to commit to the "31 for 21" blogging this month, as 31 posts for me during Down Syndrome Awareness Month would really be too much. I don't think I have 31 days worth of things to say, to be honest. :-) But here's 2 out of 3 days so far in the month of October.

In my last post I mentioned the DSANV calendar that has finally arrived. I'm still obsessing about how to sell it. The details are all getting too complicated (how to get the link up on the DSANV website, who the orders will come to, who will ship them out,etc.), and I think I'll just make it simple and do the orders myself. I'll contact the web guy today and make it happen so I can get it out to any of you who are interested!

Also, in my last post, I neglected to thank the wonderful photographers who had donated their time and efforts to the calendar project and created the gorgeous images that are featured. I know that only one or two of them possibly read this blog, but I definitely want to mention them all to my readers (you local folks may want to look them up!). Participating were:

Will Schermerhorn (who has been instrumental in getting the word out about Down syndrome awareness to the public--have any of you seen the PSA that the NDSS has put on their website and given to movie theaters across the country? Many fellow Ds bloggers have had it on their websites recently... Check out his website for lots of amazing things he's done that I'm sure you're already familiar with!

Susan Braswell of Susan Braswell Photography

Lisa Hill-Sutton of Lisa Julia Photography (an absolute doll to work with!)

Diana Adams of Studio Diana

Liz Vance of Oh Baby! Photography

Amanda Pagon of Apple Pie Photography

Rebecca Weiner of Rebecca S. Weiner Photography

Karen Becker of Karen Becker Photography

Ruthi David of Rdavid Photography

Adam Donohue of Red-letter Photography (who joined the group at the last minute and generously picked up the remaining sittings!)

Marie Windt of Marie Windt Photography (who has graciously agreed to photograph teams at our Buddy Walk in a few weeks!)

Thank you all, and if you're reading this, I'll be contacting you again in the new year to help usher in 2010!

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