Saturday, June 28, 2008

Oh, Those Eyes...and the Preservation of Memories

Here's a photo I took today.

Saving photo memories is so important to me. When I take pictures, I don't delete them off my camera card until I've a) loaded them into my documents and b) backed them up on cd. My card isn't very big (holds 200-something images), so I have a heck of a lot of cds now. I save the good, the bad and the blurry, too. Even that furtive smudge that may or may not have been the corner of Samantha's shoulder as she ducked out of the camera's view. I have this thing about not wanting to get rid of anything that may be a glimpse of a moment in time. Steve keeps telling me I can't keep everything, and need to weed out the bad pics because eventually the computer won't be able to hold it all, but I sure don't tell him not to keep downloading more and more music. :-) Maybe it's me holding on to a part of history, but maybe it's just me being a pack rat.

Whatever the case, I began a project a month or so ago on Shutterfly--I began to make a photo book for Steve for Father's Day. It's quite involved, actually. There are so many options to choose from, so many photos to choose from, so much creativity to dig out from somewhere inside that I wasn't sure if I still had. One of the hardest parts was coming up with the words to accompany the photos. I think it turned out okay--here's the link:

The finished product is a lovely, glossy, padded-cover book. This is definitely the kind of project I'd like to do more of. Enjoy!


Lisa Julia Photography said...

OMGOSH!! You did an AMAZING job on the book!!! I can FEEL the love all the way over here...I bet Steve flipped!
I totally hear you about the 'not deleting' thing...i won't even tell you how much i have kept over the years..i feel the same way...moments that only happen once...i just HAVE to keep them!
Thanks for sharing your lil doll baby with me! xo

Kathy said...

Great Job. She's a beautiful girl. You put together a really meaningful memory for her daddy. Kudos!

The Balsis Family said...

I love those books! I started one at one time, but never finished because I'm such a perfectionist and I didn't have time for that. LOL Cute pics! She is beautiful!

PS...I'm a pack rat picture taker too! LOL

amy flege said...

she is the cutest thing. those eyes are just stunning!!! wonderful book too!! that is soooo cool!

Amber said...

She is so stinking cute! Such beautiful photo's, wanna come and capture some of Gracie? :^)

Me said...

I am the same way with pictures...I keep 'em all. I love to look back at them all and remember what was happening at that moment.

As for the photobook, it's beautiful! I did one that I got for free from Pampers points, and it came out amazing! I wasn't expecting it to be as nice as it was.

Pia said...

You take the BEST photos! And it looks like Steve takes great ones too. And of course the subject matter lends itself to good pics :-) But really! You should consider a part-time gig doing this!

I also save everything and snap a million. It drives Kevin crazy (spoilsport) but when I take 12 in a row, one is usually really great. You photobook is also great. I make one over xmas for family of our first 6 months and it took foooooreeeeeverrr.!! :-)