Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Weekend at the Lake

I love this photo. It's of Samantha and Grampa. She's just started calling him "papa", which I think is so sweet!!

We went down to the lake this weekend. The weather could not have been more perfect! Of course, the car ride there could have been much, much, much better. We left pretty early on Saturday morning, and it was smooth sailing until we hit a 15+ mile backup on 95 from an accident close to the exit we would be turning off of. Figures. We bailed out onto an alternate road and had a nice, clear 4-5 miles, until our luck ran out and we sat in a total standstill with no possibility of escape. Surprisingly, Samantha was soooooo good throughout the whole ordeal, making for calmer, happier parents.

Once we got there, we relaxed for a while, then took Sammi over to the beach at the park. She really still doesn't want anything to do with sand or water. I guess we'll just have to keep pushing it until she gets used to it. Poor little thing--she just dug her toes into the exact spot we set her down, and refused to move. Her bottom lip started to quiver until one of us picked her up.
On Sunday we drove into Fredericksburg to walk around. It was only @30 minutes from the house. It was pretty busy, due to the holiday weekend. We bought Samantha an Elmo doll (that she's totally in love with--she keeps asking for "momo" and cuddling and kissing him).
Not a lot of excitement, but just a lovely weekend. My mom's an amazing cook, too. :-) Sammi and I will be going back down on the 6th for a long weekend while Steve's away in Richmond with Special Olympics.
I can't believe Samantha turns 2 on Friday! We're going to stop her formula and bottles that day and put her on a more normal feeding schedule. The fomula and bottles have been such a convenience for us, and now it's definitely time for her to eat like a big girl! She doesn't know "when", though. She'll keep on eating and asking for more until we totally remove the food source, so it'll be a challenge if we want her to have her meals with us. We tried the new feeding schedule this weekend when I totally forgot to bring the formula with us. It went fine. She totally doesn't care whether we feed her formula or not, or a bottle or not. I still can't believe she's turning 2 on Friday! Time flies.
(Sorry for the formatting issues w/the photos. I hate that what you see when you set the post up isn't anything near to the finished product, and it's a real pain to edit!!)


Michelle said...

The lake sounds wonderful! What a great escape from our busy lives in the city. It's so hard to believe they will be two on Friday. Where does the time go?

amy flege said...

sounds like a great time! I cant believe Sami will be two already! got anything big planned for her birthday?

Tricia said...

Yes, fixing the photo layout is a HUGE pain!!!

Kitty, Nathanael's Mom said...

Oh that photo with Papa took my breathe away. How innocent and lovely! My kids called my Dad "papa" too. awwwww