Wednesday, May 7, 2008

At The Lake

At the Lake
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This is a photo of Samantha at Lake Anna. Mom and Ray have built an amazingly gorgeous house right on the lake (well, more like at the top of a cliff on the lake--you take your life in your hands to get down to the water!!), and we went down a few weekends ago. We definitely plan to spend plenty of time there this summer! Sammi doesn't get too much of a chance to get near water, and I'd love for her to enjoy it and ultimately learn to swim. The water that day was full of "pollen", although I think it may have been nuclear reactor sludge washing ashore...(just kidding, Mom!)

Sammi's been taking off with her words again. She's learned a lot of new signs (which she's not afraid to use regularly!), has FINALLY learned to blow a kiss, (rather than just making kissy sounds), and has picked up a ton of new word approximations. Of course, Steve and I are the only ones who know that "doodoo" is kitty (or cookie, in reference to Cookie Monster, depending on the context), "doo" is either shoe or chair (depending on the context), "mehmeh" is mirror, "a-a" is sheep (she says that because I always say "baaa" with a bleating sound when I talk about sheep), "mo-mo" is Elmo, and "ng" is blocks. Uh huh. Really. And she's started to "play" with her stuffed dolls by making them dance to music or give each other kisses (while she makes a kissy sound!). It's so cute!

I can't believe Samantha will be 2 years old in three weeks! The time has really flown. We're combining her birthday party with Matthew's at Clemyjontri Park on June 1st. She's such an amazing little girl. I don't know how we got so lucky!

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Isabella said...

Samantha is absolutely beautiful. Looks like a lovely day at the beach.
I linked over from Rhett's blog. My daughter has DiGeorge Syndrome which is a deletion in her 22nd chormosome. She was also born with a heart defect.