Wednesday, March 5, 2008

New Strides!

Well, I don't have a photo to commemorate the event yet, but Samantha is now taking 6-8 independent steps, mostly between the couch and one of us. She'll take nice, measured steps to start with, then, as she gets closer to her target, she'll pitch herself into my arms, laughing. It's so wonderful! She'll mainly do it when prompted, but a couple of times she caught me off guard and I had to quickly drop what I was doing to catch her. She's been working on standing up without holding onto anything, too. She can do it sometimes, but not consistently yet.

On another note, Samantha's cardiologist has given her a clean bill of health, and doesn't have to see her again for another two years!! Steve said she was soooo good during her echocardiogram yesterday, and just lay back watching Tellytubbies while the doctor did the exam. That's my girl!

So, while I don't have walking photos yet, I'm going to add in this lovely pink photo of her at the playground last weekend. She absolutely loves the swings. Steve took her to the playground on Monday, and when he told her it was time to go, she got very upset, shaking her head "no" and reaching towards the swingset. Oh, she'll let us know what she does and doesn't want, that's for sure!


Cammie Heflin said...

Becca, thanks for checking out my blog! Samantha is precious! She and Addy are very close in age! Your cousin's art is amazing! I'm definitely checking out her site!

Tricia said...

One time, when Brandon was about the age Sammi is now, he didn't want to leave a park and he had a complete meltdown, crying and screaming and ice cream came out his nose. That was lovely! We still talk about it, ten years later. All kids will tell you what they want and don't want! That's for sure!