Saturday, September 29, 2007

One Year Ago Today...

...Samantha had surgery at CHOP to repair her heart. I remember how terrified I was the day after she was born when a cardiologist (Dr. Hougen, the one we continue to see, and absolutely love) came into my room and told me that she had a congenital heart defect that would need to be repaired in 3-6 (I was waiting for him to say "years", here) months. Not like years would have been any better, but the immediacy of it was just so huge.
The night before the surgery, while staying in Ronald McDonald House, Samantha had her first all-out belly laugh. Steve had been making funny faces at her and blowing raspberries into her neck. I got a photo of it (below). I felt so guilty then, thinking about what lay in store for her in just a few hours. I was worried that maybe she would never laugh again. I'm glad to say how wrong I was! The surgery, done by the brilliant Dr. Thomas Spray, only took about 2 hours. And Sam's recovery time was very quick. We were out of the hospital in 5 days, and Samantha had to stay on oxygen for 2 weeks, but she bounced back beautifully. The photo at the top is the day of her surgery, and the one on the right was 8 days later.
We're all very, very grateful.

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Michelle said...

Happy Heart Day Sammi! We are so happy to have met you and your mommy & daddy. Can't wait to play again soon. Matthew and Nate send hugs and kisses. We will see you at the Buddy Walk for sure.