Monday, September 17, 2007

First Real Pair of Shoes

I took Samantha to Shoe Train in Potomac, MD on Saturday morning to get her first real pair of shoes. Apparently, according to just about every parent on the DSANV listserve, Ed at Shoe Train is the best at fitting special needs children and at fitting shoes with orthotics. Samantha's orthotics arrived a few weeks ago, and Renee also suggested Ed. Shoe Train would best be called "Shoe Zoo." I got there only an hour after they opened, and the place was absolutely hopping. I signed in and waited about an hour to get seen by Ed, but Samantha wa as good as gold and totally enjoyed watching all the other kids there. She even got a few swipes in at other people's hair, which I deftly managed to deflect in the nick of time (yikes, what a disaster that would have been!). Anyway, the shoes are adorable and the cost was formidable, but if they help her to learn to walk, then it'll all have been worth it.

Later that day, Michelle came over with Matthew and Nate. It was wonderful to have them over, and Samantha, as usual, loved having other kids to play with, although Matthew's opinion of Sam must be getting lower and lower each time she pulls him down and grags his hair! I'm not sure hot to put a stop to this habit, but hopefully she'll grow out of it soon.

Daddy's coming home tomorrow night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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