Sunday, August 5, 2007

Samantha's First Childhood Illness...sort of

First of all, I should point out that Steve made it back from England safely. His father was stronger by the time Steve left, due in part, no doubt, to the presence of his family around him. They actually moved him home this past Friday so he can now sit in and enjoy his garden around him, rather than sterile hospital walls.

Yesterday Samantha woke up covered in a strange rash that seemed to be more concentrated on her elbows, knees and backside (although it's all over). But she didn't seem to be showing any kind of symptoms of illness. We called the doctor, who assured us she'd had her measles, mumps and rubella vaccine at her last visit. She told us that there are hundreds of viruses that cause rashes and that have few other effects and that we should just wait it out. Today the rash looks worse, but Samantha still doesn't seem bothered by it. I took her out shopping, mindful of the looks I was likely to get. As it was, no one looked twice, and I shooed one little girl away before she reached curious fingers out to her. I told her mother that Sammi was just getting over something, and boy did she pull that child away quickly!

Here's a photo from yesterday, with Sam not looking any worse for wear. You can't see the rash in this picture, though.

I totally forgot to mention that while Steve was in England, the day that the post below was written, Samantha started full-on crawling! No more commando-style! She especially likes to go after the cats (who have now learned not to take any moments of peace for granted). Oh, and she'll start heading in the direction of the cable box under the tv, and when I rush toward her, telling her "no!", she crawls even faster! Cheeky little thing. She has these 3 little colored plastic balls that she likes to pick up and throw, and if you ask her, "where's your ball?" she'll look all around her until she spots one and crawl over to it to pick it up! I'm really, really proud of her. Renee, her physical therapist, had her practicing her balance the other day by standing her up with her back against a wall and reaching out for things. Renee is amazed by Samantha's progress and said she's sure she'll see her as a star in the Special Olympics some day. I have no doubt.

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