Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Single Mom

Well, not really. It's just temporary. Sadly, Steve's father in England is very ill and he left Wednesday night to go see him. I'm sorry Samantha and I couldn't join him, but it just wasn't possible. He should be back next Thursday night. My thoughts are with Sid.

I must say, though, the last 3 days have felt like 3 months. Not because anything's been a chore--on the contrary--Samantha's an absolute joy as always, and so much fun to be around. It's just because it's strange without Steve here and we both miss him terribly. And I'm not quite sure what to do with the power I'm afforded by holding that little mechanism known as a "remote control". And exactly how does that thing in the kitchen work? You know, the one that has the 4 pretty little fires on it and the cute little door on the front?

I am impressed with myself, however. On Thursday I took Samantha to the home daycare we used to take her to back before her surgery last year. Somehow I managed to get myself ready for work, get her up, dressed and fed, take her to Mrs. Yasin's house and still catch my bus and get to work on time! I was so worried about Sam, though. This was the first time she'd been away from us for any period of time since last September. Being the over-protective mom that I am, I asked my own mother to call Mrs. Yasin to see how Samantha was doing. Of course, I wanted it to look like I wasn't the one checking up on her. But before I could get the news from mom, I broke down and called her myself. The report was glowing, and apparently she did very, very well and played with the other kids. I'm so proud of her!

I took yesterday off because she had 2 therapy appointments scheduled that I didn't want her to miss, so I'm having a 3-day stay-at-home mommy-fest! I love it, but it would be better if the stay-at-home daddy were here, too.

Daddy, we totally miss you. Come home soon!!!

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